What are the types of logos ?
what are the types of logos

What are the types of logos ?

There are several types of logos that are commonly used by businesses and organizations. Here are some of the most common types:

  1. Wordmark or logotype: This type of logo is based on the brand name or initials, often using a unique font or typography to create a distinct look.

  2. Lettermark or monogram: Similar to a wordmark, but uses the initials of the brand name to create a compact and recognizable logo.

  3. Pictorial or logo symbol: This type of logo uses a recognizable symbol or icon to represent the brand, often without including the brand name.

  4. Abstract logo: An abstract logo uses geometric shapes or abstract elements to create a unique and memorable design that represents the brand.

  5. Mascot logo: This type of logo uses a character or mascot to represent the brand, often used by sports teams, schools, or businesses targeting children.

  6. Combination logo: A combination logo includes both text and a symbol or icon to create a comprehensive and recognizable brand logo.

  7. Emblem logo: Similar to a combination logo, but with the text and symbol integrated into a single design, often with a crest or badge-like appearance.

Each type of logo has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the choice of logo type depends on factors such as the brand personality, target audience, and industry. A professional logo designer can help choose the right type of logo for a business or organization.

  • Lettermark:

These are also called monogram logos. They are simple words or letters which are short representations of a company’s name or work.The name of the company might be large but these monograms are the abbreviated formats of that name which makes people to easily recognise the company.The way the letters are positioned and the font in which the texts are written make a huge impact on the logo. The lettermark is more aligned towards simplicity and the letters in the words are not high.

Example: HP computers, HBO, TCS


lettermark Logo Type
  • Wordmark:
This is the extension of the previous type. Here the name of the organization itself is made as the logo. The logo speaks of the name of the company. This is one of the popular models of labeling or making logos. The pattern and words must be clearer as the name of the company are carried along with the logo. This can bring a huge branding to the company as the logo promotes the name of the organization widely. Example: VISA, Coca-Cola, Google, SONY, Infosys, AMUL
wordmark Logo Type
  • Pictorial:
These are widely used by companies which have a great brand value. Their logo is just a symbol and it requires a strong image to register it in the minds of the consumers. If the logo is creatively done it is the power of an image than a text which is remembered for a long time. The human mind can remember images rather than texts. But the imagespeaksfor itself. Example: Apple, Benz, Audi, Twitter, Whatsapp
wordmark Logo Type
  • Abstract Logo marks:
These types of Logos are also made of symbols. The difference between the previous category and this is that these include some abstract symbol other than some plain images. The abstractness brings out creativity and beauty to the logo. This is not a literal or direct representation. The difficulty with abstract logos is that not everyone takesthe same path in understanding the logo. They are not direct and thus there can be more than one perceptions whole understanding or interpreting the meaning of the logo. Example: Nike, Pepsi, Adidas
abstract Logo Type
  • Mascots:
Logos of this category is different all stated above. They are represented as a cartoon or a real-life character. This representation can be a comic character, ambassador of the company or any other type of character. This is a pictorial representation of such characters is connected to families or especially children. The mascot can carry any expression and this mood helps out to identify or think about the product and its background. Example: KFC, McDonald
mascots Logo Type
  • Emblems:
The Emblems consist a font or text inside a specific symbol. It looks more like an authentic stamp being made using the name of the company along with a symbol. This brings out that original look required for creating a positive appeal which is called as the branding. Generally, these type of logos is preferred by companies which have been on the market for many years. It helps in reminding this generation customers that the company’s services are being used for many decades and this helps in bringing high brand value to the company. Example: Starbucks, US POLO, Mufti
emblems Logo Type
  • Combination logos:
As said earlier, there are no theories for making logos. So, there can be any logo with all the above stated types and there is this type of logos which are blend of two or more types from the above list. These combination logos can be formed of any type and these are generally followed by new companies to make it a clear statement for the customers regarding the product and the company. Newly set up companies have to capture the market using detailed branding because they need compete with market giants who have already captivated the market. So, combining different types of logos and making a new and creative logo can help firms establish a better branding.
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